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Hello, Im Andrea
I am a creative goddess/healer/teacher, artist and all around magic-maker.

I believe that creative magic is what makes the world go round and that creative dreams can save the world.

I have been trained and accredited as a New Thought Healing Practitioner, which I describe as “a guide, mentor and teacher in making positive change, living the life you want to be living and creating dreams come true.” I am also an Artist and Designer with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Design and 1/2 of a degree in Interior Design.

I weave the creative and the spiritual together into magic potions to help dreamers bring their dreams to life.

When Im not working: I sew and knit my own clothes. I art journal. I make amazing paper dolls and cloth dolls. I do holistic interior design. I play with makeup and am usually wearing 6 or 7 different shades of eyeshadows, glimmers and glitters. I am an adventurous traveler and explorer. And I spend quite a bit of time relaxing at the spa.

My mission is to overflow this world with dreams come true. Mine, yours, everyones.

And to fulfill my mission:

I teach in-person and online courses about everything to do with creative dreams and bringing them to life. (If youre new you can start with Creativity 101: Discover, Explore and Express your Creative Genius which is a free course sent to you via email.)

I do one-on-one creative Coaching/Healing/Magic-making sessions.

I create life-changing healing affirmative meditations.

I creative journal.

I make amazing paper dolls.

And I blog about all of it at http://www.abccreativity.com/.

Tweets @ABCcreativity

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